Saturday, 1 August 2015


My name is Kirk and I am taking part in the psilocybin trials taking place at Imperial College London under Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris. This research is looking specifically at the impact of psilocybin on depression and its positive effects at alleviating it with 2 doses (1 low, 1 higher). These sessions are mediated and controlled within a supportive framework. Data is collected via questionnaires, Brain imaging using fMRI (before and after dosing) and discussion sessions, before, between and after the dosing sessions.

I had been very involved in supporting both my parents. My Father was the full-time carer for my Mother who suffered with COPD and Epilepsy. I worried about the stress/health effects on both my parents and assisted were I could and provided cover for my Father, alongside his state provided (limited) assistance. I was also working full time and studying part-time for my Teaching PGCertEd qualification. Following the death of my mother almost 3 years ago I'd arranged a year of  grief counselling. There was a period of improvement but as other significant life changes occurred I started to slip back into a negative frame of mind and the grief I felt started to impact my life.

I'd heard about the research of Prof. David Nutt around this area. I searched for a contact email and offered myself as a volunteer in June 2011. The months from April 2011 leading up to my mothers death In October 2011 were very intense, demanding and emotional. In December 2014 I was invited to apply to as a volunteer for this research project, following up from my original email.

If you haven't seen it yet, you may want to watch this: Drugs Live - Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial. Professor Nutt managed to get funding from CH4, a UK TV company and a second show was created this year around Cannabis. If you live outside the UK try this link.

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