Wednesday, 26 August 2015


I went to bed just before 1am last night; I feel very tired again today. A pretty restless night's sleep. Waking up and then back to sleep. My shoulder/neck muscles are locking up again, I think from being tense about tomorrow morning. I've also got pretty bad indigestion / heartburn.

I took the tube and bus into work today to avoid driving. I didn't pick up a newspaper to avoid all the negative stories then made the mistake of glancing over at the guy sitting next to me while he read a newspaper. I saw headlines about being buried alive and a bigamist putting his ex in a care home so he could marry the new girlfriend. Lovely. I've arranged to go out with Chris for dinner after the session tomorrow evening. I'm going out for the day with Sam on Friday to the coast. Then I'll have a nice long weekend to relax and I'll get a good long cycle in along the Thames and do some processing from the session if I need to. I've avoided watching any more psilocybin related videos or reading the book I bought. I'll wait until I've been "there" myself, so to speak.

I'm pretty sure I'm over-worrying it all as I sometimes do. I'll have a go at adding a short video from the hospital accommodation tonight. My pocket phone tripod has just been delivered.

I just came across this beautiful video today with music from Max Richter.

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