Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Entheogen Podcast

Just in at the 6 month mark, following the Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)
medical trial for depression I contacted the Entheogen show. I asked if my
experience would be of interest to them :) I've been listening to and enjoying
the show for a while. They were great guys to talk to and very cool.

Here's the podcast: 025: PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINE TRIALS 

This is Entheogen. Talk about tools for generating the divine within.
Today is February 28, 2016, and we are discussing Psychedelic Medicine
Trials with a participant in a recent psilocybin study.

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Special thanks to our guest on today’s show who offers listeners a rare glimpse
ofwhat it’s like to participate in a psychedelic medicine trial. Kirk worked with
Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, David Erritzoe (who sat in on the sessions),
Prof. David Nutt (who oversaw the project), and Mark Bolstridge at the Imperial
College of London, studying the impact of psilocybin on depression.

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